Many horses enjoy munching on root vegetables like carrots and beetroot. But, a question running in your mind as a concerned horse owner likely will be, is feeding such root vegetables to horses a good idea? Well, if fed in the right quantities, these succulent and yummy root veggies make a good addition to the diet of horses, particularly in winter.


Feeding beetroot to horses especially is great as it has many minerals and vitamins about which we shall learn more right away.


Minerals and Vitamins in Beetroot


Betanine, folic acid, and iron


Beetroot gets its red colour due to a substance called betanin. Betanin is an antioxidant that offers protective qualities for organs and cells. Also, beetroot is rich in folic acid and essential iron and thus is hematopoietic. Thus, its constituents help in creating haemoglobin in the red blood cells of horses. This is crucial for transporting oxygen throughout the horse’s body, and this, in turn, is important for the fitness of your pet.


Provitamin A


Beetroot contains Provitamin A which gets converted to vitamin A in the body of horses. This has antioxidant properties which are necessary for cell regeneration and also the development and maintenance of teeth and bones. It even supports the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems, and also the mucous membranes and the skin. Furthermore, it plays an important role in the cardiovascular health of the horse. So, if you want to boost the immune system of your horse, feeding beetroot will prove helpful.


Vitamin B


The B vitamins, including folic acid and niacin, creates a complex group and this helps convert carbohydrates into energy. Some are required to keep the mucous membranes, central nervous system, and eyes healthy. And, others are necessary for a properly functioning digestive system.


Vitamin C


Vitamin C present in beetroot is also good for the health of horses since it has both antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It helps fight infections and aids in maintaining healthy connective tissues.


Benefits of Beetroot for Horses


Now that you are aware of the many minerals and vitamins that beetroot contains, let us also get to learn about some of its benefits, or so to say the reasons why horse owners prefer feeding beetroot to their horses.


1. Beetroot helps the blood vessels of the horses relax and widen.


2. This root vegetable is great for horses suffering from cardiovascular issues.


3. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on horses and thus can treat conditions like liver disease, arthritis, and also cancer.


4. Furthermore, beetroot supports the development of healthy bones and this reduces the chances of stress fractures.


5. The vitamins and minerals present in beetroot even improve skin elasticity.


To Conclude –


So, these are some of the amazing benefits of feeding beetroot to horses. And, now that you are aware of the advantages, make sure to offer beetroot to your horses regularly. Since this root vegetable is available in abundance in winters, you can feed them uncooked. And remember, never feed frozen beetroot as they can lead to colic.



You can also get beetroot in dried form as powder and chips. These too can be fed to horses, but be careful of how much you offer. Your horses are sure to love it, be it in dried form or fresh, and you too will be happy knowing well that your pets are going to enjoy a lot many health benefits.