Taking care of your lips is one of the biggest self-care investments. Have a worry-free beauty regimen for your lips against the harsh Australian climate. This lip sore cream at Bio-First will definitely defend and protect your lips from humidity and drying effects of the sun. It gives relieving sensations to any lip sores brought by the changing weather and intense climate conditions. The Bio-First lip sore cream contains pure natural ingredients that heals and recovers dry and cracked lips due to sun and wind exposure. Be confident and flaunt your kissable lips with the dashing moisture-inducing effects of this lip sore cream.

Made from the blissful natural and herbal plant extracts, the lip sore cream has powerful ingredients that are capable of taking down the bacteria that caused lip sores without leaving side effects. The active ingredients such as Manuka oil, Kanuka oil, Sandalwood oil, and Jojoba butter goes deep down into the skin to heal its different layers. This lip care product is guaranteed safe, non-toxic, and all-natural without the presence of parabens, alcohol, phytochemicals, and various enhancers.

It comes with the cooling essences of herbal and citrus aroma and tastes that you will definitely enjoy. Thus, it will give a lasting comfort on your lips, leaving a plump and glowing facial feature for your face. This topical cream solves sore issues from its root causes, that’s why it is highly effective. Aside from its healing effects, its first purpose is to prevent breakouts of any kinds of skin problems. Furthermore, it has nourishing after effects that you can use on the skin after the healing process, leaving it completely healthy and radiant. This product is surely effective and powerful, but is also completely mild and vegan. Choosing the lip sore cream from Bio-first is ultimately the wisest choice for lip and facial care.