With nearing the arrival of Christmas most Australians search for Christmas tree to celebrate the occasion. Different types of trees are popularly used as Christmas trees in Australia and Xmas trees delivered in Melbourne. Some of these trees are briefly described hereunder for your consideration.

Wollemi pine

This tree is also known as the Dinosaur tree. According to the evidence of its fossil, the existence of this tree in Australia can be between 100 and 200 million years back. Once, entire Australia was covered by these trees. Today they are found in the west of Sydney in the small area of temperate rainforest.

Norfolk Island pine

This tree mostly looks like the standard Christmas tree due to its evenly spaced branches and conical shape. You can find this tree along the coastal area as it has a high tolerance to wind and salt and grows in deep sand. The young species of this tree can be grown as houseplants in pots as indoor plants.

Woolly bush

This tree is found in southern coastal areas of Western Australia and is used as a Christmas tree due to its velvet-like soft texture and silvery foliage. It is popularly used as a Christmas tree for its resemblance with a light covering of grey-green colored snow which is lined with the Christmas celebrations in Europe.

South Esk pine

This Christmas tree of Australia, found in eastern Tasmania, is one of the 11 species of conical trees found in native Australia. This upward-angled small tree has exceptionally dense branches and greenish-blue foliage.

Bush Christmas Lilly pilly

The Christmas celebrants of new-age like this tree even if it does not look like the Christmas tree traditionally used. Most of the Australian natives will take either this tree or a variety of bush Christmas trees to their homes to celebrate this occasion.


The pine tree-like looks of the leaves and yellow flowers of this tree have made it popular as an Australian Christmas tree. Every year its flowers bloom near the time of the Christmas festival. It can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and its height can be maintained by pruning it regularly.